RJ Cyler Cast as the Blue Ranger in Lionsgate’s Power Rangers

Lionsgate’s 2017 Power Rangers has added yet another Ranger to its growing roster, according to The Wrap. The most recent addition to the Dean Israelite directed film is RJ Cyler (one of the leads in this summer’s Me and Earl and the Dying Girl) as the Blue Ranger. Cyler Joins Naomi Scott (Pink), Ludi Lin (Black), and Dacre Montgomery (Red).

The quartet of under the radar young actors indicates that Lionsgate intends to turn Power Rangers into the franchise that will replace its lucrative Hunger Games franchise, which will end this year with the November release of Mockingjay Part II. Lionsgate can sign these actors cheap and for multiple films. If that is indeed the case, then Lionsgate needs to make The Dark Knight version of Power Rangers. So, that they can tap the same nostalgia audience that made Jurassic World a blockbuster smash this summer. If they go for the audience demographic that is on board with whatever the current iteration of Power Rangers is, then the film might suffer the same fate as Pan.

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