The Best Movies of 2016

The new year is upon us, which means that it is once again time to compile the obligatory film critic list of the best and worst movies released in 2016. Naturally, I will be starting with best films of the year. The numbers themselves on this list are arbitrary, except the movie in the number one spot. I genuinely believe that that movie is the best movie of the year, and it is also my personal favorite of the year.

Note: a few movies listed do not a have reviews for on here, because I did not get to it for various reasons. I have seen all of them.

Honorable Mentions  

This is part of the list where I list the movies that for various reasons just missed making it into the top ten (essentially these are 11-15).

Image result for arrival poster

A thinking man’s sci-fi that “Star Trek” Delivers when it is at its best. It utilizes an interesting narrative device to tell the story. It is also on various levels about the important role that communication plays in society.

Image result for the edge of seventeen poster

Is the kind of movie the kind of coming-of-age story that would make John Hughes proud, in fact, it is precisely the kind of movie he would have made if he was still making films. It is funny and profoundly moving.

Image result for hacksaw ridge poster

Mel Gibson returns to the director’s chair with a vengeance in this heroic World War II story. Lead by an outstanding Andrew Garfield this film captures what real heroism is.

Image result for nocturnal animals poster

Tom Ford is more than a great suit, he is also a talented filmmaker, taking on the tasks of both writer and director. Brilliant performances from the entire ensemble, and beautiful cinematography highlight this dark thriller.

Image result for captain america civil war poster

A rare feat of a great threequel that not only continued the strong films of Capitan America’s series but also laid a great roadmap for what is to come in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The Top Ten Best Movies of 2016

  1. Image result for moonlight poster

A brilliant crafted coming-of-age story, well deserving of all the accolades, particularly for Barry Jenkins, Mahershala Ali and Naomie Harris.

  1. Image result for zootopia poster Image result for kubo poster

These movies are tied because it is my list I can do that so, fuck off and because both of these films needed to be here. “Zootopia” because it is a well-made allegory for prejudice in our society. “Kubo” because it was a great movie about family. Both films a wonderfully animated in vastly different styles of animation.

  1. Image result for manchester by the sea poster

A profoundly moving picture about grief and grieving and confronting your past. Kenneth Lonergan, between his writing and direction, crafts a truly outstanding piece of cinema. Casey Affleck is heartbreaking in a bravo performance.

  1. Image result for moana poster

Walt Disney Animation is clearly in the midst of a second renaissance, reclaiming their place as the alpha in the world animation, a title that sister studio Pixar has been relatively successful in usurping that title from Disney recently. “Moana” is Disney Animation’s second entry on this list, while Pixar’s lone release did not even make honorable mentions. The voice acting, the music, the animation, everything about this movie is a home run for Disney.

  1. Image result for deadpool poster

“Deadpool” makes the list because it plays like a satire of superhero movies, a combination of elements that were both intentional and unintentional. Nominated for Golden Globes in the Best Picture – Musical or Comedy and Actor – Musical or Comedy categories, and won the Critic’s Choice Award for Best Comedy and Best Actor in a Comedy.

  1. Image result for the nice guys poster

A witty detective comedy from Shane Black, which showcases the comedic talents of Russel Crow and Ryan Gosling. This movie was a wide release, and it was CRIMINALLY UNDERSEEN grossing only 36 million at the domestic box office, and an equally abysmal 21 million in foreign markets.

  1. Image result for hell or high water poster

A neo-noir Western that tackles the current socioeconomic climate in the US. Well-directed, well-written and beautifully shot.

  1. Image result for the witch poster

A horror movie that like “The Exorcist” or “The Shining” transcends the genre and is a well-made, well-crafted movie. The actors give real performances, and best of all, the film is not full of cheap jump scares.

  1. Image result for sing street poster

This is another great music film from John Carney – “Once” and “Begin Again” – that is a great coming-of-age story. The movie has great songs, particularly “Drive it Like You Stole it,” these songs are the best songs that Duran Duran never wrote.

  1. Related image

A Brilliant musical that harkens back to the golden age of the Hollywood musical. It is the best movie of the year, and one of the best musicals ever made.

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