Thanksgiving Movie Reviews

Over the Thanksgiving holiday I saw several movies, and much like the exposition in one of them, I am just going to dump it all out at once.

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald


As mentioned above this film was a giant exposition dump. Which makes some sense because last I Knew Warner Bros. wanted to make five of these “Harry Potter” prequel movies, and J.K. Rowling had a lot of ground to cover when it came to building a narrative that would cover all of that ground. It was not an unenjoyable movie, and I am still on board to see what Rowling’s ultimate goal is with this series. “The Crimes of Grindelwald” is certainly not a movie for non-Potterheads.

Creed II


“Creed II” is “Rocky IV” sans the powerful Cold War allegory. Still “Creed II” is a solid sequel – having to follow up the incredible “Creed” is no easy task – on par with most of the entries in the “Rocky” franchise.

Ralph Wrecks the Internet


I know that the title is “Ralph Breaks the Internet.” This movie understands a world consumed by the internet in a way that not many do, although it could have done a deeper exploration of it, particularly what it means for businesses like arcades. But we do get one of the best meta-satires of Disney since “Enchanted” and who doesn’t love a little meta-Disney.

Robin Hood


“Robi Hood” is “Batman,” but Batman was replaced with Robin Hood because Robin Hood is in the public domain. It is hilarious that they tease a sequel that will never happen. Real knee slapper there.



Well-made, well-acted, but with an out of place socio-political undertone. Drop that, and you have an excellent heist movie.

Boy Erased


Another excellent directorial effort by Joel Edgerton (follows up the great thriller “The Gift”). A powerful film with incredible performances from the entire cast. Edgerton will likely get Oscar nods for writing and possibly directing, and the cast might miss the cut; except possible Nicole Kidman because she is a big star and the Oscars need those ratings.

The Front Runner


Hugh Jackman gives a great performance, but unfortunately, like Bradley Cooper in “Burnt”, the film surrounding that performance is nowhere near the same level which is a shame for Jackman (no Oscar [nod] for you), and the film because this movie could have been an analog for how the Gary Heart scandal shaped current political campaigns.

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